Our putter fitting studio has the most advanced technology to date to make sure you are using the right putter for your stroke type.  Did you know, that being in the wrong putter model for your stroke type creates manipulation and inconsistencies within your stroke.  Did you know that pending your handicap, putting accounts for 30% – 50% of your score?   This is the highest percentage of any club in your bag by far.  So yes, the putter is extremely important and is the weakest part of most player’s games.  So, what do you need and what do we fit for?

Studio TGF Putter Fitting
Studio TGF Putter Fitting
Studio TGF Putter Fitting

Stroke Types and Putters Best Suited for the Stroke Type:

  • Straight Back and Straight Through – Putters that are face balanced.
  • Slight Arc – Putters with 20% – 30% toe hang.
  • Moderate to Strong Arc – 40% +

We use V1’s software to analyze your stroke type and make recommendations.

Length of the Putter

  • A putter that is too long or too short, promotes improper posture and arm angles that are not natural and causes inconsistencies in the stroke.

Lie Angle of the Putter

A putter that has the toe or the heal too far in the air causes the putter to scuff on the green.  When the lie angle is off, it also makes it harder to make solid contact and line the putter up  square to the target.

Loft of the Putter

Yes, the putter has loft, and the golf ball needs to have enough launch to get out of its own depression on the green.  Yes, the ball has weight, and it does matter.  We use Quintic and this software takes over a 1,000 frames per second to optimize the launch on your putter.


A proper sized grip can help a player control the face of the putter.  A grip too big does not allow you to square up the putter face to the target.  A putter grip that is too small may feel like you are overwhelming the grip, and you may get flippy with your hands at impact, resulting in a shut club face to the target.

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